Bringing Disciplines Together


Affect and affect studies has some natural points of contact with masculinity and masculinity studies.  Masculinity scholars have often discussed issues of how emotion are figured in and by notions of masculinity.  Thinking about these issues through the lens of affect theory—which stresses such concepts as energy, force, and pre-conscious bodily sensation that are often seen as parallel with, but not reducible to, emotion—should provide an important opportunity to investigate masculinity in ways that are both consonant with, and innovative of, more established approaches within masculinity studies.  Our discussions of sexual assault, the discussions surrounding transgender identity, and even the political campaign of Donald Trump—all important issues both on college campuses and in the wider culture—would benefit from a careful consideration of the connections between masculinity and affect. This colloquium aims to generate knowledge around this topic.



Masculinity studies and affect theory are exciting areas of humanities scholarship. This colloquium brings them together.

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Fifteen scholars. Seven universities. Five countries. All convening in Pittsburgh for two short days. Meet them here.            

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