Where are we?

The colloquium will take place in the Humanities Center at the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning. The 42-story Gothic structure is located in Oakland between Forbes Avenue and Fifth Avenue, and is the centerpiece of Pitt's campus. Enter the Cathedral, and find the elevators in the center of the building. Using the touchscreen, press '6' and proceed to the designated elevator. It will take you to the sixth floor, where the Humanities Center is located, without pressing further buttons. 

From the Wyndham Hotel, exit through the main lobby. Turn left, and left again onto Lytton Avenue. You will walk less than a block to Fifth Avenue, and the Cathedral will be directly in front of you. 

A campus map can be found here

For those in need of lodging, the Wyndham Hotel is located on campus. 

What is there to do in Oakland?

All of the following are within walking distance from the Cathedral and Wyndham Hotel.

Cathedral of Learning Nationality Rooms tour - see schedule

Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History 

Phipps Conservatory (botanical garden) 

Carnegie Library (established 1895)

Caliban Bookshop 

Schenley Park